Our founder, Vaughn Akimeka Vasconcellos, named the company in honor of his family’s Hawaiian history.  Vaughn’s great-great-grandfather, Charles Titcomb,  immigrated to Hawaii in the 1800s and sought to marry Kamakele Kamalanui, a cousin to the King of Ni’ihau.  He received the name “Akimekaikekihiokala” by King Kamehameha III after showing great persistence. The etymology of the name is this: the literal translation of Akimeka is Archimedes – a greek scholar, mathematician, engineer, and physicist. Translated from Hawaiian, “ikekihiokala” means “to meet, to share, to forgive.” Akimeka was named in hopes of building a company that valued determination, intellectual and technical excellence and the best of the Hawaiian honor and traditions.

The Akimeka name represents Perseverance and Excellence. Akimeka has since evolved from its original foundation as a Native Hawaiian Owned company, our company still operates and believes in the five Hawaiian core values as the cornerstone principles known as the Aloha Spirit. In 2010, Akimeka, LLC was acquired by VSE Corporation, in which we adopted the VSE Core Values of Integrity, Agility and Value. Read More.

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