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Most companies rely heavily on strategic Customer Off the Shelf (COTS) products and customized solutions to run their day to day business. Akimeka understands each customer has a unique set of needs and realizes it all begins with requirements. Using industry best practices and repeatable processes, Akimeka successfully gathers and refines customer requirements, transforming them into fully functional and effective software applications adding efficiencies and creating increased value in the overall operation. Our strength lies in creating customized solutions and acquiring, configuring and integrating strategic COTS products with the corporate enterprise.


We design, develop, test, implement, integrate and sustain customized solutions for our customers. Using industry best practices and repeatable processes, we work closely with our customers and help them achieve greater efficiency and increased value through these newly developed applications.


We are very accomplished at acquiring strategic 3rd Party Customer Off the Shelf (COTS) products for our customers and ultimately configuring and integrating them within the corporate enterprise.


We consistently help our customers extend their reach by bringing their systems to the World Wide Web and work closely with them through all phases of system development. Introducing web technologies to our customers has helped them expand to a national and world-wide user base.


With supply chain management being one of our core capabilities, Akimeka has extensive experience in developing and managing supply chain management software (SCMS) for ourselves as well as our customers. We will help you stand up and sustain a supply chain management system tailored to your unique set of business requirements.


Corporate executives now demand business management dashboards, which are single page reports graphically displaying real time organizational trends and an overall snapshot of company key performance indicators (KPIs). By leveraging emerging products on the market today, Akimeka has successfully created dashboards for our customers, displaying a top level graphical layer; enabling leaders to drill down to lower level details in any given area.


The world has become obsessed with mobile devices and most businesses realize they need to connect with their customers on this medium. By leveraging Responsive Design, HTML5 and Native IOS/Android environments, Akimeka has further extended client reach to their mobile device customer base.


Akimeka has moved many customers into the evolving world of service oriented architecture (SOA) where systems can more efficiently and accurately communicate via web services. We focus on the application program interfaces (APIs) of our customers’, their customers, partners, and vendors as we move them into the world of SOA. By investing in their SOA Governance and Web Service Specifications, Akimeka has made a significant impact on how our customers’ communicate with their clients, partners, and vendors.


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