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The last decade has seen breakthrough technological advancements in healthcare - from wireless pacemakers to computerized glasses that allow the blind to see. It has also been a time of great change in Healthcare Information Technology, with more digital healthcare data being created, managed and stored than ever before.

Akimeka Healthcare solutions are meeting the need to create more access to more data by more sources while still protecting the security and integrity of the data being shared. Recognizing the proliferation and need for mobile device access in healthcare, especially in remote geographic areas and during major disasters, Akimeka healthcare solutions are developed with mobile access capabilities.


Medical professionals ability to immediately access a database of available medical assets is imperative to saving lives.

Akimeka’s Medical Supply Chain Management gives medical personnel the ability to log medical supplies into the database and then track them as they move from one entity to another and even to the patient who receives them. In geographic areas with a high risk of natural disasters, hospital administrators and staff can leverage reporting tools built into the systems to help in develop plans for disaster readiness.


Akimeka has developed a collaborative Decision Support System (DSS) for medical sustainability and supportability analysis consisting of two main analytical functions: Requirements Estimation (RE) and Course of Action Analysis (COAA).

Provides the ability for medical staff and administrations to evaluate courses of action for probable scenarios to create crisis action plans and contingency plans.


The Medical Data Store System is a services-oriented aggregation and distribution point for medical data. The system fulfills the requirement for an automated patient tracking and monitoring tool with the capability to create, update and display patient’s longitudinal medical record information accessible through all echelons of care. Akimeka first deployed this system in 2004.


Medical Situational Awareness is a web-based portal environment unique because of the cross-domain capability that ensures data integrity regardless of the origin of the information. Additionally, it provides health service support staff information on health protection issues, disease surveillance and trend analysis; identifying personnel potentially exposed to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and occupational/environmental hazards; the ability to view and track patients; ability to view and track logistics (to include medical logistics); and providing an advanced decision support capability for medical situational awareness, viewed on a common mapping capability.


The Akimeka Clinical Trial System plays a vital role in Clinical Research. The solution supports electronic Clinical trials utilizing new methodologies for question creation, form creation and data collection. The system provides development of the data repository, data transformation, data collection, data migration from legacy systems (when required), query tools and report tools. The Service Help Desk and training module options provide clients the ability to focus their staff on the Clinical Trials functions rather than on infrastructure and support.


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