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With the increased demand for 9-1-1 system reliability and interoperability, counties across the nation are also in need of improvements to their 9-1-1 operations. Inaccurate and inconsistent data may be just one challenge 9-1-1 Coordinators are currently experiencing as they prepare their Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) for Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1). Akimeka is the IT Data Service Provider for Public Safety that takes action to provide a complete Synchronization solution that guides counties and states to accurate and useful data improving response times.


A data synchronization audit that defines project work breakdown. Is your 9-1-1 data meeting the minimum NENA 98% accuracy standard? Is there a plan in place to standardize and correct the data to achieve and maintain the NENA 98% synchronization level?


Audit and analysis of existing GIS database with a corrective action plan for location accuracy. Akimeka produces map layers and/or corrects existing map layers. Our GIS professionals collaborate with the you to standardize GIS data so as to follow NENA standards, and ensure usefulness to you, the county, and state.


Audit and analysis of existing MSAG and ALI databases with a corrective action plan for database accuracy and standardization. Akimeka’s MSAG experts correct and maintain MSAG and ALI databases including ALI Discrepancy Report processing, ensuring that MSAG and ALI data stay standardized and synchronized with GIS data.


Achieve high quality, NENA compliant data through Akimeka’s Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) services, including MSAG audits and analysis, corrections, and updates to synchronize with your 9-1-1 GIS data. We also provide Automatic Location Information (ALI) discrepancy reporting, monthly transaction reporting, call routing audits and corrections.

WIRELESS AUDITS and Wireless Database Services

Baseline wireless database creation, wireless routing analysis, and call routing sheet (CRS) processing to include: accurate call routing, correct cell site addressing, and accurate cell site location in the GIS. Synchronization Geographic Information System (GIS) databases with Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) and Automatic Location Identification (ALI); the synchronization of these databases help improve the location accuracy of 9-1-1 callers by indicating where standardization and data corrections should be made within each database.

Database Sustainment and Training

Regular and continual synchronization audits, coordinating with wireline, wireless and VoIP service providers. Akimeka’s 9-1-1 subject matter experts continue GIS, MSAG and ALI corrective actions, as well as county updates. GIS and Public Safety experts train county teams on QA/QC processes and the usefulness of the data to maintain the NENA standard of 98% synchronization.


As the TRUSTED ADVISOR and PARTNER for the public safety community, Akimeka provides our customers assistance with related 9-1-1 services. Akimeka continues to work in partnership with the counties and PSAPs to provide heightened levels of operational performance and improved response times with more precise location information.


  • Assessment of your unique needs by knowledgeable industry professionals
  • Assistance to receive funding needed to support your project
  • Synching your county with accurate and useful data
  • Progressing 9-1-1 PSAP operations from E9-1-1 to NG9-1-1
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Akimeka has provided excellent technical data/support which has put our 9-1-1 operations in the State of Hawaii above approach and places us in a excellent position to transition to NG9-1-1. The representatives I work with are top notch and who I have heavily relied on with technical issues.
– Lt. Kimura, Hawaii County, HI

I am nothing but satisfied. Akimeka drastically improved the GIS data. I receive comments from my telecommunicators on the improvements to their maps. We see this in the VESTA system and I continue to inform my telecommunicators of the changes – acknowledging that they can look at the maps that are all up to date now. What you [Akimeka] are doing is working.
–Lt. Clint Smith, 9-1-1 Coordinator
Holmes County, FL

Sue, Claudia, and the team at Akimeka are reliable partners for GIS mapping and data analysis. Sue ensures that the service Akimeka provides is always tailored to the job and that our expectations as a client are exceeded, not simply met. Sue is a very supportive and driven person, her skills as a project manager and her technical knowledge are a good compliment to one another to achieve successful end results.
– Mike West, 9-1-1 Coordinator
Levy County, FL

I am overly satisfied with the work Akimeka is doing. Accuracy plays a big level of priority for us [Sumter], not speed! Although it would be nice to move at a rapid pace, the data and accuracy is the driving force of all preparedness to next generation.
– Steve Kennedy, 9-1-1 Coordinator
Sumter County, FL


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